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5 Signs Your Body Wants You To Cut Back On Salt Jul 25th, 2017

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure is one clear sign that you may be overdoing it on the salt. But that's not the only downside of a sodium-laden diet.Turns out, even a few supersalty meals can leave you feeling weird—or even downright uncomfortable. Here are 5 surprising short-term symptoms that can happen...

Is 70 the New 60? Study Says 'Old Age' Definition Needs to Change Jul 25th, 2017

It’s pretty obvious that getting older isn’t the same as it used to be. More senior citizens are healthy, adventurous, and actively engaged in society than their counterparts were even 10 years ago. Now researchers say the way aging is measured should change too.Under traditional definitions, 65 is the start of what’s...

Men's Health 6 Reasons Your Pee Stinks Jul 25th, 2017

When you look into the bowl, you should see some pale yellow pee—that generally means that your urine is healthy and you’re well hydrated.But how should it smell? Chances are, you don’t give your pee’s odor a second thought. Unless, that is, you notice something suspect wafting up after you take a leak.Most...

Men's Health Center Featured In Breakthroughs Magazine Jun 23rd, 2016

Read the latest issue of Providence St. John’s Breakthroughs Magazine highlighting the Men’s Health Center run by Dr. Movassaghi.

Melatonin: Sleep, Friend, or Foe? Jun 23rd, 2016

Self Magazine recently interviewed Dr. Movassaghi on Melatonin and its side effects. Read Full Article Here.

The Flu CAN Kill! Jun 23rd, 2016

Self Magazine recently interviewed Dr. Movassaghi on the Flu in light of Prince’s Death. Read full article here.

White House Recognizes Men's Health Disparities Jun 23rd, 2016

A recent meeting at the White House stresses the disparity in healthcare between men and women in the US. Read full article here.

Dr. Movassaghi Talks Pre-Marathon Hydration Jun 23rd, 2016

Dr. Movassaghi spoke with Kasey Montoya of KTLA News to discuss hydration during this year’s unseasonably warm Los Angeles Marathon. These are great tips for athletes of all kinds who exercise in the heat.Watch the video here!