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UTI Specialist

Mehran Movassaghi, MD

Urologists located in Santa Monica, CA

If you believe you have a UTI or urinary tract infection, Dr. Movassaghi can make sure his patients get the best treatment for their needs. Visit locations in the Santa Monica, California area.


What is a urinary tract infection?

A urinary tract infection, often abbreviated as UTI, is an infection which affects the bladder, ureters, kidneys, and/or urethra. There are over 7 million doctor visits every year in the United States alone. Urinary tract infections (or UTI’s) are very common in women. In men, however, UTI’s are much less common and once diagnosed must be treated for an extended period. The upper urinary tract consists of the kidneys and ureters. The lower tract consists of the urethra and the bladder. Any part of this tract can become infected and the farther up the infection is located the more serious it can be.

What causes a urinary tract infection?

UTI’s in men usually result from urinary stasis secondary to an obstruction, downstream from the bladder. This obstruction can be secondary to an enlarged prostate or a scar in the urethra (called a urethral stricture). The symptoms of a UTI usually include burning and pain with urination (dysuria), frequent urinations and at time urinary incontinence. Dr. Movassaghi does urinary health checks (LUTS/BPH) including:

  • Urinary flow study and post-void residual testing
  • Urodynamic evaluation
  • Medical therapy including natural alternatives
  • Latest surgical management including Urolift, laser, and robotic procedures

What symptoms are connected to a UTI?

Lower urinary tract symptoms can include:

  • Urinating frequently, usually releasing only a small amount of urine
  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Cloudy, bloody, or odorous urine
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Low-grade fever

Upper tract infections can cause:

  • Fever around 101˚
  • Discomfort in the back and sides
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Shaking and chills

Symptoms can also be very mild or not present at all. The best way to ensure that the infection is dealt with correctly is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Movassaghi. Treatment is usually with antibiotics, but in cases where UTI’s are recurrent, an underlying cause should be evaluated for and treated.

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